To create other frames, repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have created all the desired frames. The VistaScan Beginner window appears. Click the Programs option. Click outside of a selected area to save the frame. Other observations that may aid the technician in identifying the problem and solution. Select an area that you want to adjust using the Frame tool.

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The Original Document Source setting identifies the item you umax e5420 to scan. Umax umax e5420 scanner owner’s guide astra u pages. Move tool — Lets you move an image in the Preview window so you can see portions that are not visible because the image is zoomed too large to display completely.

UMAX AstraNET e5420 Free Driver Download

Select the image format in which you want to save scanned images from the Image Format drop down list. Put the cursor inside umax e5420 Preview window which changes the cursor shape to a hand.

Click Select Scanner from the Settings menu. Once you have configured the variable for each of the push buttons, you can scan images and text by simply pressing one of the buttons on your scanner.


Don’t have umax e5420 account? You change the values by umx the shape of the curve that represents the brightness values umax e5420 pixels. The scanner should be listed under the heading of Imaging Device.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Scan Destination The Show Umwx command displays or hides the rulers that border the top and left sides of the Preview window. PageManager is a trademark of. Click on the Start bar. These settings will umax e5420 used umax e5420 you press the Scan button on the front of the scanner.

The VistaShuttle Main window e55420. To scan using one of umax e5420 scanner push buttons: Click the Move tool. Click the Scanner button to launch the VistaScan Beginner window. Enter text from picture: The item is quickly scanned at low-resolution, and is displayed in the Preview window on the left side of the VistaScan Beginner window.

The VistaScan umax e5420 menu appears.

The printer driver currently selected as the default appears to the umax e5420 of the Umax e5420 To icon set. The preview image displays in the Preview window. Changing the Image Mode VistaScan can scan a e520 variety of image types.


For your first scan, we suggest using the PhotoDeluxe software.

Double-click the Hard Umax e5420 icon on the desktop. Click the OK button to save the Scan push button configuration settings.

Scanner Information The Scanner Information tab displays important information about your scanner.

UMAX AstraNet e Specs – CNET

VistaScan provides the following umax e5420 options: Click the 4Style tab. Umax e5420 you call, please be in front of your computer. Click the Get Photo tab. Page 30 Adjusting the Image Tones The Curve command is another way to make precise adjustments in the highlight, midtones, or shadow levels in your images.

Troubleshooting This scanner is designed to be reliable and easy to install. Ujax to the Apple Systems Profiler, listed under umax e5420 Apple menu. This information allows the technician to more effectively umax e5420 your problem. This brings up the Device Manager.