Clearing Mishandled Paper Troubleshooting Clearing Mishandled Paper CAUTION When removing mishandled paper, be sure to leave no torn paper inside the machine, avoid touching the drum or scratching it in any way, and keep all metal and magnetic objects, e. The fixing unit is very hot. Data Edit [1] Use this setting to display the list of copy count and copy limit for each account, to change, add, or delete the ECM data, and to reset the copy count of the individual account. Page 3 Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this book. Table Of Contents, Section 4: These 6 types of stamps can be used individually or in multiple combinations. Table Of Contents Section

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Output Modes, Section 8: Follow the procedure below according to the OUTPUT selected output mode key to complete the image recall and output operation.

Machine Information Initial Settings Initial settings represent the initial condition when power is turned on, when ECM password is set, or when Panel Reset mode is restored, konica minolta bizhub di5510 manually or automatically.

Laserdiodin suurin teho on 15 mW ja aallonpituus on nm. Do konca put your hand in between the tray and tray supporting part; otherwise you may be injured. See the previous page.

Konica Minolta Di5510 User Manual

Use the Lunch hour off function to shut down power during the lunch break and then turn it on again according to the Weekly Timer function setting. Special Original Si5510 Form continued 3 Touch the desired size key. Stapled and folded, or simply folded booklets are to be delivered onto this tray.

Table Of Contents, Section 4: Stamp Applications Stamp Stamp allows you to minolat regular stamps, numbering, page numbering, date and time, watermark, and watermark numbering konica minolta bizhub di5510 the output copies.

BizHub Di Copier by Konica Minolta Valuation Report by

Program Memory Job Store Use Job Store to store up to 30 frequently-used copying jobs, which can be recalled at any time. To insert more than one sheet at the same location, enter the page number repeatedly.

Manual Mode Lighter, Normal, Darker Select manual copy density to adjust exposure density when originals are too light or konica minolta bizhub di5510 dark. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The following three modes can be selected from the Book Copy Screen. To effectively locate the title page on konica minolta bizhub di5510 right, a blank sheet will be automatically created on the reverse side of a sheet, if required.

If the ECM password is invalid, the copier will reset to the Initial mode. konicz

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Transparency Interleave Applications Transparency Interleave Use the Transparency interleave function in or mode to copy onto overhead projection transparencies and output a blank or copied interleaf sheet with each copied transparency.

A few seconds after the Wake-up Screen appears in the LCD touch panel, seven types of Warm-up Screens display in succession for approx.

Clearing Mishandled Paper Troubleshooting Clearing Mishandled Paper CAUTION When removing mishandled paper, be konica minolta bizhub di5510 to leave no torn paper inside the machine, avoid touching the drum or scratching it in any way, and keep all metal and magnetic objects, e.

Shut-Off mode conserves even more energy by partially turning OFF the power supply. Use arrows to scroll to the desired size.

Each finished set will be offset from the next copied set. Density Shift Basic Operations Copy Density continued Density Konica minolta bizhub di5510 Density shift divides each of nine density levels into three levels of lighter and three levels of darker. An unpleasant odor may, however, be created konica minolta bizhub di5510 poorly ventilated rooms during extensive machine operations.

Keep the manual located with konica minolta bizhub di5510 machine so that all users may refer to it, as needed. Binding Mode Basic Operations Binding Mode When copying in or mode, specify the binding mode on the Output Mode popup menu to obtain the desired copy result.

konica minolta bizhub di5510 Applications Image Insert Use the Image insert mode to combine images scanned from the platen glass, such as photos, paste-ups, newspaper articles, graphs, etc. Duplex copies arranged upside down on the reverse side Binding mode Copies Output Mode popup menu without Finisher. This mode helps bixhub preserve the condition of originals, improves copy quality, and eliminates unnecessary toner consumption.

Do not turn it off by pressing power switch. If required, your service representative can konica minolta bizhub di5510 the copier to stop copying when the number of copies exceeds specified number. The digitized image is represented as pixels on a screen or as dots per inch dpi on hard copy. To print the manual completely, please, download it.